Saturday, November 18, 2017

Explain SaaS through storytelling

A year ago I announced I was going to do a blog series on ‘Big data, tell it as it is!!
Well, due to a relocation and a new job that took a ‘bit’ more time.
But, I keep a promise.


As my readers know, I try to explain SaaS as it is in a readable manner.
I also like stories, so why shouldn't I use Storytelling to deliver my message and start interaction?

So last week I published on Sweetcode about Geordie and his use of R to analyze Apache error logs.
Why not publish more posts about Geordie and his employer ‘G’day’, an Aussie content marketing firm?
By doing this I can explain SaaS, datascience, infosec, forensics and QA in a ‘tell-it-as-it-is’ manner, readable for a broad audience.
Because that’s my mission, explain SaaS without the marketing and technical terms, or at least explain them.

I need your help!

Inspiration for the adventures of Geordie at ‘G’day’ I can retrieve from my own experiences, but why not use crowdsourcing?
TestingSaaS is read globally by SaaS enthusiasts from different sectors like finance (banks, accountants), government, software dev, IT consultancy and many more.
These fellow SaaS enthusiasts work in disciplines like identity, infosec, data science, digital marketing and forensics.
With storytelling we have an instrument to explain SaaS in a simple way, as it is!
But I need your input.
Are you interested or want to give feedback on my TestingSaaS storytelling?
Let me know through the TestingSaaS social media channels.

Let’s work together to explain SaaS through storytelling, as it is!!!

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