Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From SaaS to identity and security: a perspective of the last 2 years

Two years ago I started this blog to express my thoughts about SaaS aka Software As A Service, a 'new' style of software deployment.
In these blogs I dealt with a lot of things, from methods to test them (Model based Testing) to security and IAM (Identity and Access Management)
For everyone who now thinks 'Oh, Cordny is going to stop his blog', I have to disappoint them.
The fun is just beginning. While posting on this blog I got more and more interested in IAM and security of web-applications and through reading, studying, discussing and following great conferences (EEMA, Cloud Identity Summit) I learned more and more.

So, for me this blogpost is a milestone I achieved and I'm grateful for the people who challenged and helped me through the last years on gaining knowledge in SaaS, testing, IAM and SOA.

The next year I will give more detailed posts about my thoughts about IAM, SaaS, Testing and SOA.
I hope you will like it!