Saturday, February 4, 2012

UMA back to the future

The last 2 years I have done Some UMAnitarian work: Co-developing and evangelizing the User-Managed Access protocol.
My input: specify testcases and devise a interoperability testplan.
I also blog, tweet and FaceBook about UMA, counting THE retweets, blog and faceBook-likes & reads UMA is doing a good job.
Online UMA-marketing, I love it!

Back to testing.
Last year the UMA-specs were delivered to the IETF. A UMA-milestone, but also a wakeup-call for me.
Specs were changed, so my 2010 testcases were outdated.
Next to this, The UMA workgroup aka UMAWG, works along with OpenIDConnect for interoperability and changes in spec were necessary.
Also, more organizations got interested in implementing UMA, so it was back to the drawingboard.
However, waiting for a moment when less spec-changes were going on was wiser.
This moment has arrived and for the last two weeks UMA filled my evenings again: pseudocoding with megamugs of coffee.
Hopefully next week a draft can be sent to the UMAWG for review.
Also promising is the interoperability testing of The OpenIdConnect group (OSIS).
This interests me because of the re-usability of testmethods.

Well, that's my UMAnitarian work in a nutshell.
If this interests you, the UMAWG will be holding a UMA tweetchat, focusing on development, specs, interoperability and implementations of the UMA-protocol.

UMA tweetchat
8 February 2012
9-10am Pacific time
Tweethandle: #umachat

Ok, back to the specs for some good ol' pseudocoding