Monday, April 16, 2012

UMA Interop Testing at European Identity Conference 2012

Kantara Initiative's User-Managed Access WorkGroup (UMAWG)will reach a new milestone this month.
The UMAWG will be present at the European Identity Conference on April 17th in Munich (today).
It's mission: to show some UMA real-world examples during the Kantara Initiative Summit , which is chaired by my good friend Joni Brennan.
These examples include and a UMA-based app by Fraunhofer AISEC.
Before the UMA-show UMAnitarians have been busy with interop testing of the mentioned UMA examples.
Between 12.00 and 13.30 the UMAWG will share it's latest status, it's heritage with Oauth and OpenIDConnect and the status of the current implementations.
Unfortunately I can't be present today, but through blogs and tweets I will support my fellow UMAnitarians in answering questions and giving info on interop testing.

The UMA Interop won't be finished this day, it's just the beginning.
Because OpenID has a very good wiki on OpenID interop testing, OSIS, the UMAWG asked OSIS for help with setting up a UMA interop wiki.

With the help of the OSIS folks the UMAWG will make an effort to start interop testing of all available UMA implementations.
UMAnitarians and other UMA-interested people are invited to take a look at the OSIS-wiki and start interop testing their
UMA-based apps the OSIS-way.

Exciting times ahead for the UMAWG.
No worries, the quality of UMA is my gig, bugs are NOT allowed!