Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New year, new softwaretesting adventures

It’s 2014, a new year!
What is it going to be?
Well, it’s predecessor, 2013, was awesome.
A new job at Eyefreight, a new journal to write for (eForensics Magazine) and expanding the TestingSaaS network through a conference in Denmark (Thank you Targit and Dr. Morton ). Not to mention the personal things that happened, which deeply broadened my life.
Strangely enough, this was all NOT planned, I just went with the flow.
And that’s exactly what I am going to continue in the coming year.

Believing the expectations of different visionaries it will be the year of Internet of Things, mobile, big data,  privacy and consumerization.
Regarding my blogs, tweets and articles this could be a continuation of 2013, but 2013 also gave me inspiration for testing computer forensics applications, which could be very well combined with big data and privacy. This will certainly continue in 2014.
Next to this, I should also make some time for helping the UMA-WG wih their interoperability tests, maybe even with some implementors?
By the way, these possible future efforts will be done in my free time.
My daily job will still be softwaretesting at Eyefreight where every day is a new fun(!) day with lots of challenges ranging from testing new applications, reviewing new documentation (it is promised) or devising new test strategies for regression (test automation) ,  load- and security testing. And maybe some international adventures, you never know.

Who dares wins!