Thursday, September 1, 2016

New challenge: contentmarketing with Fixate

What's going on?

This summer I was approached by Chris Riley from Fixate IO, the content and influencer marketing company for techies. Chris needed help.
He is a big fan of the TestingSaaS social network and wanted me to become a member of the Fixate Influencer Community aimed at DevOps.
This crack community (with the best QA and DEV professionals) is the DevOps contentmarketing engine for Fixate's clients RollbarSumo Logic and a lot of others.

A huge honour

This is a huge honour for me.
I can improve my content marketing skills in my free time, meet great people and still have a daily job.
Ok, I know about software testing, security and forensics, but Fixate IO wants to put time and effort in me and trust my work as a tech blogger and social media community leader.
That's just awesome!!

So, it's time to kick Ass.
Prepare yourself for some informative articles about DevOps, data science, security and software testing.

Thank you Fixate IO. Glad to be of help.

TestingSaaS, he's back!