Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Using forensics for mobile testing

In May 2014 I started a new job as the QA engineer at Onegini.
It is a software company, which develops access management solutions for online services for insurance companies, webshops and financial businesses

Who is familiar with my social network TestingSaaS will not be surprised hearing this, because of my fascination with online authentication.

One of the many challenges I now have is to develop a testing approach for their mobile solution.That involves developing a test strategy, knowledge training, test automation and tool/device training.The hardest part here is the knowledge and tool training.

Mind you, the company uses the agile methodology and that means every two weeks a delivery of workable software. No time for on-the-job reading.Fortunately, another hobby of mine (yeah, I see software testing as a paid hobby :) ), computer forensics (not paid yet :) ), provides me the knowledge necessary to be able to test the mobile application.
Both for software testing and computer forensics (read mobile forensics) you need analytical skills to know what you have to analyse. For software testing this is identifying, analysing and documenting bugs and for computer forensics it is identifying, preserving, recovering, analysing and presenting facts and opinions about the digital information.Both disciplines require a sound understanding of the object under analysis.

For a couple of years now I write for the online magazine Eforensics Magazine ,where I use my testing skills to study forensics software. A great way to learn forensics and practise my software testing skills.

Eforensics Magazine also has special issues on Mobile Forensics, with a load of reading material on forensics and mobile operating systems. I am not a die hard programmer, but a forensics enthusiast. 
So Eforensics Magazine is my prime supplier of enough material to enhance my knowledge on mobile operating systems to test the Onegini solutions optimally.

Android, Blackberry, Apple, Windows Phone, it's a jungle out there, but I am ready to explore!