Saturday, December 18, 2010

The start of a journey

My blog has given me a lot of opportunities in 2010.
Posts about OpenID resulted in presenting my thoughts on the risks of OpenID at the European e-ID Interoperability Conference, which inspired me to go to Colorado (USA) to follow the Cloud Identity Summit.
Here I saw a presentation that would change my ideas on access management on the web.
Eve Maler presented a protocol in development, UMA (User Manged Access), empowering a user to flexibly apply the necessary security and privacy controls to their data residing on any number of Hosts and to introduce those hosts dynamically to a user-chosen Authorization Manager. Moreover, UMA supports requesters in gaining authorized access to such data.
Knowing OpenID and OAuth, I thought, IMFO, this could be a breakthrough in Access Management, and offered my experience as a tester.
A few months (and some very busy nights :-) ) later this resulted into Conformance Plan Test Materials of the UMA Core Protocol.
Something I couldn't have made possible without the help of my fellow UMAnitarians, especially Eve and Maciej.

2010 was not the end of my journey, 2011 will all be about finetuning the test materials and using it in testing the quality of the UMA-protocol for implementations .

It won't be easy, but I live by one motto: Who dares wins!