Sunday, April 5, 2009

Einstein 2.0 and BC, a SaaS vendor and its client

In an earlier blog I said I am going to illustrate model based testing of a SaaS-application.
I invented a company named Einstein 2.0 which develops ERP-SaaS applications for companies.
This blog-item will give more information about a client of Einstein 2.0: Beta Computing Inc. (BC).
BC is a global commercial enterprise specialized in selling computer hardware. Its main reason for choosing Einstein 2.0, BC wanted to outsource the development and maintenance of her ERP-software to a specialized company which also could develop it web-based, a disciplin not present in BC.
The agreement between Einstein 2.0 and BC is recorded in an SLA which describes agreements on different levels (eg. performance, payment, warranties etc.)between both parties. This SLA is very important for testing because it outlines the boundaries of the scope of the test.

As already said BC is globally present (Europe, Asia and USA).
Einstein 2.0 on the other hand is Dutch and based in The Netherlands.This is no problem, because Einstein 2.0 can develop and maintain it SaaS-product locally, but distribute it throughout the Web world wide. No local installation of 'ERP On Demand' is necessary.

This was just a short description of the fictional world of Einstein 2.0 and its client BC.
The next blog-entry will discuss one of the most important characteristics of 'ERP on Demand!', the way BC can access the software(security issue!) and to test this in a model based manner.