Saturday, February 7, 2009

Model based testing and SaaS, an example

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed the possibility of using model based testing (MBT) as a methodology for testing SaaS-applications.
I already discussed MBT is possible at a system test-level, not at acceptance test-level. MBT for complex software systems like SaaS is an area still evolving, and it could be a good idea what the current possibilities are.

Let's say a crack testteam from the fictional (!) company 'Einstein 2.0' has been assigned to do a system integration test or SIT for the company's SaaS-solution: 'ERP On Demand!'.

But first a short introduction to 'ERP On Demand!'.
This innovative product is a ERP-suite designed as an online ERP-dashboard for the enduser with all the benefits of web2.0(!):
By using the dashboard the enduser has secure access to its various ERP-resources (eg. CRM, HRM) through the internet and can change its settings by choosing from various modules given by 'ERP On Demand!'

The online dashboard 'ERP On Demand!' is for use as a service provided by 'Einstein 2.0' to customers on demand.
Inplementation of the software is not necessary, a good internet connection is enough, enabling the application to be used by the customer effectively from day 1.
For all this, the customer has to pay a monthly fee to the software vendor 'Einstein 2.0' so it's licensed to use 'ERP On Demand!' serviced by the vendor with the latter obliged to give 24h. secure service and maintenance.

This obligation is very essential for the testteam of 'Einstein2.0': 'ERP On Demand! should be online 24 hours a day with excellent performance and high security.
This addresses one of the issues associated with SaaS: how to deliver a safe B2B-application through the internet 24 hours a day??

From a tester's point of view these issues are nonfunctional: performance and security.
A model based testing approach could be an option, next to the available loadtesting and security testmethods.

The next weeks I will discuss this MBT-approach for performance and security testing of 'ERP On Demand!' in my blog.
Feel free to share your thoughts with me about the testing method MBT for SaaS.

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