Sunday, November 1, 2015

So what's your hobby? Resurrection!

2015 is a busy year for me: new job, more responsibilities, work abroad and some explorations in data science using R.

I noticed I did not post anything on my TestingSaaS blog for a while now.
Well, it's that time again.
Too much is going on in software testing,cloud computing, forensics and information security to let unnoticed.
Questions to be answered like:

  • Is the software tester a dying breed?
  • How can we test the Internet of Things?
  • Can we use data science when doing software tests?
  • Isn't test automation just checking, not testing?
  • What's a RAT in information security, and why should you know about it?
Just a few questions, and the next few months I am going to answer these through my blog and my articles for Eforensics Magazine.

TestingSaaS is not a dying breed.
Why not?
Because his hobby is: Resurrection!