Monday, May 9, 2011

What's next in online identities? Cordny in Silicon Valley: a blog series

Last week, on invitation by PIMN, and with 4 other invitees, I spent a week in Mountain View (Silicon Valley, USA) visiting groundbreaking events on the development of online Identity and Access Management. These events were the OpenID Summit and the Internet Identity Workshop 12.

The next days I will describe my point of view of these events.
Separately, because both events, although related to each other, have distinct goals and attracts a different crowd.

I thank PIMN and the organizers of the events above for the fantastic and educative time I had in Mountain View, and look forward to see and work with them again in the future on other events.

In my next blog I will discuss my view of the first event which took place on Monday May 2nd 2011, the OpenID Summit.

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