Saturday, May 25, 2013

when exploring the cloud brings you to a new employer

In the beginning of 2013 it became clear to me I needed a change.
For almost five years I was in the contract business doing challenging projects for my employer.
But something nagged.
I noticed most projects were in finance and I knew there was more to test, especially in the cloud.
And I wanted to work for a company which was developing for interesting clients in the cloud.
So, I started to go walkabout.
My goal was to find a suitable project in 3 months or less.
Man, if I knew what I was getting myself into.
In 3 months time I saw more companies and organisations then in all my testing career.
Names I won't tell, but let me say this, every big player in finance, e-commerce, navigation, government, insurances etc etc got a call or letter from me.
A lot of telephone calls, emails and invites followed.
At the end of april I struck gold, and in an area which was known to me, but I never imagined to start working for in the cloud: a company in transport management software (see my personal details for more :) ).
Well, and it's completely out of my comfort zone finance.
I need all my knowledge on software testing, test automation, ERP, cloud and review techniques.
And not for only 1 client like I had in my previous projects. Nope, for more than 5, and these are still encounting, I love it.
It's gonna be a hot summer with new stuff to see and learn.
New areas to spread the softwaretesting word., all in the name of quality.

Stay tuned for updates, they certainly will come...

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