Thursday, September 22, 2011

A one stop NFC testing shop

As I expected a few months ago when blogging about Google Wallet
and NFC mobile payments, companies would also venture on the further development and implementation of this specific payment product.
One of the companies I followed the last months is Collis, a Dutch company with many years of experience in management of introducing new payment products.

Because testing is an important asset of Collis, I immediately thought of them when exploring the testing of mobile NFC payments.
For clarity, I have no commercial ties with this company, only the enthusiasm for testing NFC mobile payments.
So, when following the news of the NFC World Congress I found out Collis launched yesterday a Mobile Test Center for TSMs (Trusted Service Manager), which enables NFC solutions to be checked for
compliance with specifications set by a wide range of industry bodies like MasterCard, VISA, but also the NFC Forum.
Not surprising, if you keep in mind this company does the same for checking creditcard compliance for the already mentioned creditcard companies, which also are huge stakeholders in the adoption of NFC mobile payments.
The NFC-TSM ecosystem is very complex and trust is here the key issue. If its infrastructure is not trustworthy, it looses its stakeholders and it will get destroyed (compare DigiNotar and the digital certificate ecosystem).
Collis could work as a one stop shop for testing of all components of this ecosystem and contribute to the trust of NFC mobile payments, which could enhance its adoption.

As a tester I agree with the method of my Dutch colleagues at Collis and I hope I can help them improve the quality and trustworthiness of the NFC mobile payment ecosystem.

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