Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeling like Marco Polo

The last few years understanding the process of online identities were like an adventure to me.
Sometimes I feel like Marco Polo, although he explored new countries and trades, my mission is to explore and test new ways people can share their online identities and resources.
Like Marco Polo, I meet extraordinary people like UMAnitarians, OAuthians and OpenIDealists.
As Marco Polo had to master his Chinese to understand his new companions, I have to learn XML, JSON, HTTP and different webprotocols to understand my new companions.
That's why I'm grateful people like XMLGrrl , Identity Woman and many more guide me in this exploration.
This week I will do some UMA-trading in the form of a session at the EEMA eID interoperability conference in Belgium and in May I will explore, together with a Dutch team, the Internet Identity Workshop 12 in the USA.

Like Marco Polo, I'm and adventurer and tradesman, maybe Google Circles will be my next quest. Something I have to talk with the UMAnitarians about soon.

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