Sunday, February 20, 2011

Got the flu last week, what did I miss?

Last week it was my, once in two years, out-of-the-office-because-of-the-flu-week.
More simply said, I was bugged :-(.
No worries, I'm back on my feet and now I'm looking what I missed out on testing, SaaS, security and identity last week.
Fortunately, my fellow bloggers weren't ill and could produce a daily/weekly news for me, like Frank Wray's Identity in the Cloud Weekly,Christophe Primault's The Daily, EPA's blog and Jaap Kuipers his PIMN. Great stuff guys, saves a lot of Googling.

If I would exclude testing now for keeping it short, what did I miss out on SaaS, security and identity?
Well, one nice thing to mention on SaaS/Cloud computing is a webcast Maurice van der Woude, general director EuroCloud Europe, gave on Brighttalk about Managing Hybrid Clouds from a Supplier and User Perspective. Here, next to explaining what a hybrid cloud is, he also discusses the interoperability needed in a hybrid cloud and the privacy issues. A very informative talk, which is suitable for both business and tech-pro's.

Going further to security, well, the biggest news was the RSA-conference held in San Francisco, attended by some of my fellow UMAnitarians and also PIMN-members.
For UMA, Congratulations to the SMART team for their win of an IDDY award in the Proof of Concept category from Kantara for their UMA development work! This is good news for a possible adoption of UMA by the industry.
Another interesting RSA-item to mention is the panel-discussion, co-led by Ikuo Takahashi on Legal issues occurred by international cloud computing. This means, cloud computing is more and more seen by policy-makers as something to happen and legal issues must be attended. It now only depends on how this policy will be governed, and on what geographic scale: globally or per country?
Mr. Takahashi, thank you for your feedback on my questions to this, it gave me a lot of insight, which I will further explore the coming weeks.

So, this is just my humble view of last week. One week knocked-out by the flu, but luckily I can rely on my fellow-bloggers, as they can rely on me, to keep the news posted.

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