Sunday, March 21, 2010

European e-identities

Writing a blog about your favorite testobjects has its advantages.
Roger Dean, executive Director of EEMA, read my blog about testing OpenID and invited me for the EEMA-congress eID interoperability near Brussels, Belgium.
There was only 1 catch , I had to give a presentation to the attendees about the risks of OpenID.
I said to mr. Dean: 'No worries Roger, I will come to Belgium and give you the presentation'.
And so I was in Belgium for 2 days, listening to experts on e-identity, learning a lot from them, and even holding a presentation myself about my favorite subject: testing e-identities.
The European Union wants to become more united, not only physical, but also digital.
This is a challenge: country-centric computersystems have to be interoperable with each other in a secure way. That's not easy, considering the differing European languages and legislations etc.
Perhaps, OpenID will play a big role in securing the digital connections in the European Union. As long as you minimize the risks involved!
EEMA, thank you for this opportunity!

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